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Comparing the Art Markets of India and China: Insights from Hurun India Art List 2022

India and China are two of the most populous countries in the world and are known for their rich cultural heritage. Both countries have a thriving art scene and are home to several renowned artists. In recent years, the art market in both countries has seen tremendous growth, with several high-value sales and record-breaking prices….

by Hurun Report - March 3, 2023

Kerala’s Artistic Brilliance Takes Center Stage on Hurun India Art List 2022

The Hurun India Art List 2022 has recently been released, and it offers a fascinating insight into the state of the Indian art world. One data point that stands out is the place of origin of the top artists. While West Bengal and Maharashtra are tied for the top spot, with 8 artists each, a…

by Hurun Report - March 2, 2023

Women in The Hurun Indian Art List 2022

The Hurun Indian Art List for 2022 features 12 female artists who have made their mark in the Indian art world. These women come from diverse backgrounds, and their works vary in medium, style, and subject matter. At the top of the list is Anjolie Ela Menon, who has a turnover of INR 4.70 crore…

by Hurun Report - February 28, 2023

Padma awardees and the Hurun Women Rich List 

Indian women entrepreneurs have made significant contributions to the country’s economy and have broken the traditional glass ceiling to become successful business leaders. Women entrepreneurs in India are known for their innovative ideas, strong determination and unwavering commitment to their businesses. They have succeeded in a wide range of industries including technology, retail, fashion, beauty…

by Hurun Report - February 27, 2023

When Central Banks Start Buying Gold

Central Banks across the world purchased a record 399 tonnes of gold worth US$20 bn in the third quarter of 2022 lifting the total demand for gold to a post-pandemic high. Interestingly, investors shunned gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and moved to other assets as interest rates increased. According to World Gold Council(WGC), the market development…

by Rajesh Ravi - November 25, 2022

How Green Is Your EV?

If you thought that an electric vehicle (EV) is less polluting than a normal vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE), you’re right and wrong. It is true that your EV pollutes less at the consumption end. But have you ever thought about the manufacturing process of the EV, the inputs that go inside…

by Rajesh Ravi - November 24, 2022

How Sam Played a Double Role In FTX Collapse

It was like a merry-go-round until it collapsed. Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) cryptocurrency empire relied on round-tripping funds and collateral between two of his companies – FTX and Alameda Research – to move to higher orbits. You guessed it right! If reports coming out from court documents are right, it was all illegal and a giant…

by Rajesh Ravi - November 23, 2022

Can Green Ammonia Drive The Economy?

Energy drives the modern industrial economy. And for decades, fossil fuels have been powering our growth because they are relatively easy to transport and store. Currently, around 80% of global energy comes from coal, oil, and gas.  Declining availability of fossil fuels and the need to decarbonize the earth has led to a frantic search for…

by Rajesh Ravi - November 22, 2022

Can Indian Pharma Make The Giant Leap?

Indian pharmaceutical sector is booming and investments are pouring in. And, there are plenty of reasons to rejoice. The country is known as the pharmacy of the world and supplies 40% of the generics to the US and about 25% of the prescription drugs to the UK. Exports are robust and the domestic market is…

by Rajesh Ravi - November 18, 2022

Wake up and smell the coffee: climate plays truant with coffee

A cup of coffee can make some moments in life more piquant. But do you know that climate is playing truant with the coffee beans, and soon it could taste differently and get scarce? Production of beans declined last year as Brazil, the world’s leading grower of coffee, suffered its worst drought in 90 years…

by Rajesh Ravi - November 16, 2022